Monday, July 11, 2011

The Miracle Of Tinfoil

One of the things I love about summer here, or indeed anywhere I've been around Northern Canada, is the long summer nights. While Fort McMurray is about the furthest south I've lived in the past 10 years, we are still far enough north to enjoy many hours of daylight through the summer. On the summer solstice, the sun rises at about 4:20am and doesn't set until just shy of 10:30pm. Throw in a good hour of twilight on either side of sunrise and sunset and, we get some long days. (When I lived in Nunavut, there were stretches of several weeks when the sun didn't even set.)

I love that there is so much light on a work day. I can leave in the light and there is light at the end of the work day which usually leaves me feeling much more energized than during the summer months. The one unfortunate thing for us here is that, with school now out for the summer, the long summer night are making the kids more energized as well. Getting them off to bed (and keeping them there) when there is still blue sky outside the window can be a bit of a fool's errand at times. If they are asleep by 11pm, we count it as a miracle.

When I was in Nunavut, one of the tricks I learned was to use tinfoil or cardboard on my bedroom window to darken the room enough so that I could sleep. I think tomorrow we will start employing this little northern solution to the kids' bedroom windows as well.


Morena said...

I hear you on the energy! We tried to tin foil O's windows when we moved here but discovered on the first breezy day that there was a draft in the window. All you could hear was the 'tinkling' of foil all night. Needless to say it came down and we went another way. Good luck!

Way Way Up said...

In the end, Lisa decided to go with black bristle board, so we'll see how it goes.