Thursday, August 18, 2011


Normally I avoid blogging about work but today work has become a little extra interesting for me as of late so I thought I'd make an exception to the rule. Earlier this week I left the confines of the scaffold yard to work down in the plant down around Upgrading. Turn Around ended back in May so all the scaffolding that was sent down is now being taken out and sent back. (A "turn around" is essentially a large-scale shut-down event during which planned maintenance, inspection and other construction takes place.) Since the start of my shift on Tuesday I've been helping with the tear down, counting and bundling of all the materials that need to be removed and returned to our main yard.

It's been busy work and a nice change to work with a lot of different scaffolders...a good learning experience should I decide to go out in the field some day. Giant cranes, ropes, forklifts, and the noise (and smell) of the all makes for an interesting day. (No worries Mom, I'm not actually up on the scaffolding since I don't have my fall protection training yet.) Plus, I'll get few extra days in since it would mean a 12-on/2-off schedule rather than my usual 10-and-4.

The other reason work suddenly became a little more interesting was revealed to me late this afternoon, and it still comes as both a shock and a surprise to me. I bumped into a couple of my regular foremen and they asked me if I was interested in taking on foreman responsibilities in one of our yards starting this Saturday. Initially I thought they were joking around as they both have a good sense of humour. I'm pretty comfortable with the paperwork aspect of it (I worked in public service for 10 years afterall), I haven't missed that many days since I started last fall and I confident I have the respect of the other guys on my shift I regularly work with (they certainly have my respect.) But still... Surely, they could find someone a little more experienced than me for the task. But it turns out they were serious. I never thought I'd get this far, really. It's my first out-door, private sector, physical job and 10 months ago I wouldn't have know the difference between a standard and a double ledger if I had been knocked over the head with one. It's not a full-time position as it only involves a set number of days during the shift but work is work and it's nice to have your efforts recognized. In the end, there was only one way I could respond to the offer.

I accepted.