Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear Keystone Pipeline Protester

Hey good job at getting arrested! I guess you didn't think about how your big hub bub protest would be eaten up by the media and become a story it itself, shifting focus off your message. Oops. It must be frustrating for you. How, much gas did you burn just getting yourself and and your goofy little sign to this supposedly "historic" protest? Since you seem so adamant about climate change can we expect to see you next protesting big oil in, say, the Niger Delta? If you truly believe in your convictions, why don't you go there and protest? After all, Nigeria's environmental record is much more worthy of attention don't you think? What goes on in the Niger Delta makes the Deepwater Horizon disaster pale in comparison. The US buys something like 40% of its oil from that country. Don't you think its more ethical from an environmental and humanitarian standpoint for the Americans to import oil from Canada? I mean really, they need to buy it from somewhere. So where? Russia, with its freedom of the press? Venezuela, where they oppress and brutalize their indigenous peoples? Saudi Arabia, where they chop people's heads off and have such a stellar record of women's rights? Iran, perhaps? Where? Just easier to stay in Canada and protest in safety and security I suppose. Hey, Fort McMurray is in Canada? Why don't you come and protest here? It's a city of around 100 000 give or take so its not like you wouldn't get major media coverage here.

No takers? Yeah, I didn't think so. Ever heard of Wapisiw Lookout? Its the first reclaimed tailings pond out here at Suncor. Even former founder and ex-Greenpeace leader, Patrick Moore, was supportive. Ouch, that has to sting. I drive by it everyday. So all these propaganda pictures I see you carting around on your little signs are a little foreign to me. I see deer, coyote, bear, foxes and all different types of birds there. Really, you should get away from Parliament Hill and come take a look for yourself. (The politicians there don't really care about you anyway.)

So, please, don't deny me and many other hard-working Canadians a living. We have families to support, bills and mortgages to pay...(Want to take over my mortgage? Yeah, didn't think so.) If you really want to go out and yell and scream about oil's environmental impact, feel free to yell and scream at the top of your lungs in downtown Abuja...that would be the capital of Nigeria, but seeing as most of your ilk come across as little more than pompous, arrogant know-it-alls, I'm sure you were already aware of that.) Kindly move along. Tomorrow I along with many others, will head off to work to support our families. Please don't take bread off my table...thanks.

I will agree with you on one thing though, that oily odour you come across in our little neck of the Athabasca really does occur. But it has nothing to do with oil sands development or pipelines like the one you protest. Oil has been seeping naturally out of the ground for time immemorial...If you go back to the early explorers, like Alexander Mackenzie, David Thompson or Peter Pond, they all mention this in their writings. Its kind of how they figured out there were oil sands here in the first place.

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