Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life Will Never Be The Same

As of this past Tuesday (my sister's birthday no less), we no longer have a stationary baby. Gabriel is now on the move! Not only can he now do a control roll over, he has now started to "commando crawl". He makes out pretty good for himself on the laminate floor in the living room. ( I only wish I knew where our dear camera wandered off to.) I've known Elijah since he was 6 months old and recall him starting his commando crawl when he was around 7 months, shortly after we moved out here to Alberta. Gabriel officially turns 6 months old tomorrow so he has surprised us all with his early start. If he is anything like his older brother he will be up on his feet pretty soon. I remember Elijah progressing from "commando crawling" to pulling himself up onto his feet within a very short span of time.

So now Gabriel is on the move. I'm pretty sure we've nailed down everything thing that needs to be nailed down already but I'm sure we'll be double-checking just to be sure. Welcome to a new mobility, Gabe. The world is on the move.

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