Sunday, October 16, 2011

Suddenly Work Got A Little More Interesting

(photo by Greg Hume)

There were 3 species of birds I had hope to see over the course of the summer...the Northern Flicker, the Black-and-White Warbler and the American Kestrel. The Northern Flicker, I sighted a couple of times, the first near a storm pond a short walk from the house back on June 19. I blogged about it here. The second sighting occurred a little later in July I believe in during a hike along the Athabasca River valley. As for the Black-and-White Warbler, I was able to check that off my list on Canada Day.

So only the Kestrel remained. I've been told on good authority that the river valley, which has yielded up some of my most memorable sightings, was a good place to catch a glimpse. Unfortunately, my visits there were few and far between this summer and as August rolled into September and I put in a few longer shifts, I realized my chances were fast disappearing. Which brings me to yesterday. As I was leaving work, I skimmed through a Suncor publication and was pleasantly surprised to find another possible location for a viewing....some of the reclaimed areas right there on site as it turned out.

A breeding pair had been photographed after taking up residence in a nesting box on site (the photograph being taken by a researcher from my old alma mater as it turns out). Because the birds often return to the same nesting sight in consecutive years has me hopeful of a sighting. Odds might be slim this year as they tend to have all left by October. But I eagerly await a Spring return. I pass Wapisiw Lookout, a reclaimed area formerly known as Pond One, on my bus ride to and from work every morning and I'm always scanning the distance in what little light we have at this time of year just in case something catches my eye. Can't wait to see this diminutive little falcon. Suddenly work got a little more interesting.


Anonymous said...

You may use the kestrel photo, but it does require attribution (photo by Greg Hume).

It is from Wikipedia:

Way Way Up said...

My apologies Anonymous. The post has been amended and an attribution made.