Thursday, November 10, 2011

Super Fail

So the snow I blogged about in my previous post materialized over night....with some pretty crazy consequences. It wasn't very much snow, hardly anything to get excited over, though it did cause a traffic nightmare this morning on the way to work for a lot of people. I'm sure there are many people tonight thinking, "How the heck could the city have been so unprepared?!"

My first hint of what was to come came as my bus pulled up this morning and I saw the back tires skid a little on the road.   Rather than heading down the hill from Thickwood, my bus headed over to Timberlea as it had done the day before.  There is a bus-only lane there which allows us to hit the highway much quicker.  Everything seemed fine and dandy and I dozed off.  When I awoke awhile later we were parked in solid traffic somewhere on 63 and my phone told me it was 7:30am.   Initially I thought I had perhaps caught the wrong bus. It's happened before. But no, that wasn't the case.

Road and weather conditions conspired to turn the highway into an icy mess. Super Test was down to a single lane and then closed off. It was simply too dangerous for the bus company to send its buses down this big hill. There must have been a good dozen vehicles in the ditch at the bottom. Both north- and south-bound traffic was stopped until the situation improved. I had doubts about whether we'd make it up the 8% grade but thankfully we made managed. We ended up being pretty lucky as I caught word that another bus had been rear-ended by a pick-up at Suncor's base plant. Passengers were transferred to another bus which then later side-swiped or grazed a concrete divider. I only know of this because a couple guys I work with happened to be on that bus. In any event, no one was hurt but I'm sure it was quite the little experience. My foreman drove in this morning in a company truck. Leaving Timberlea at 5:10am, he got into work at 10am.

As for my bus, I got on around 5:40am this morning and clocked in at 9:23am. There were only three others that made it in ahead of me and work didn't commence until almost 11am, after we finished clearing the snow from the yard. Hopefully tomorrow's commute will much less of an ordeal. At any rate, I'm glad I decided to pack a really big book.


Anonymous said...

darcy your a very goood writer this is commander, keep up good stuff bud.

Way Way Up said...

Thanks Kyle. I try.