Monday, November 7, 2011

We Know It's Coming

I don't recall the date of our first measurable snow fall last year but it seems to me we are a little late this year. I'm fairly certain we had at least something on the ground, if only temporarily, by Hallowe'en last year. So far it looks like we have lucked out (or lucked in) at its looks like every other place I've lived in over the past few years has had at least some snowfall by now. Weather here can be as unpredictable as in any other place as I was reminded when looking through some photos from shortly after we bought our place here....

March 2010...The snow had completely melted.

In early April, we got a rather unexpected deluge of snow. If you look carefully you should be able to make out our neighbor's pine tree. The poor thing got clobbered beyond recovery.

Our poor backyard tree went from this..... this....

I honestly thought the thing was done for. It obviously had 9 lives though. Following a little minor surgery on a few branches it bounced back just fine.

This was our street in the aftermath.

Snow is predicted in the next few days. Time to wait and watch....and perhaps dust off the shovel.

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