Saturday, December 10, 2011

"Body Parts"

I'll chalk this one up to not partaking in my morning coffee ritual before catching my bus to work.

More and more often at work I find myself with a radio attached to me. Initially I wasn't too fond of it namely because it drives me crazy to hear how my voice sounds over the radio if I'm standing close to say one of the other foreman or one of our truck drivers and hear my voice coming from their radio. Over time though, I've learned to grin and bear it and I take my being given a radio as a sign that I'm an important cog in determining how the yard gets run and that my input may be somewhat useful. Now, I don't mind the radio chatter and find it breaks up the monotony of a slow day and the nosey old lady part of my (yes, I know that is a scary thought) often finds myself tuning in to radio conversations I hear between other contractors as I go about the course of my day.

The easiest way to catch radio chatter is on the bus on my ride in. I usually sit fairly close to the front so I can catch what's being said on the radio. I find this helpful to find out what's going on if traffic is hectic or the weather is being temperamental. Anyhow, this morning I caught something on the radio that at first I thought was my imagination running amok. It was 5:30am after all. But hearing a few gasps from other passengers around me made me realize that this wasn't a dream.

Now, I didn't clearly hear all of what the dispatcher said. But I recall hearing something about slow traffic on the highway, a few garbled words about a particular location and then the phrase "body parts along the side of the road." The lady was quick to add "no, not human body parts" much to our collective relief. I perked up though for a few minutes and scanned the ditches through the morning darkness. Seeing nothing, I quickly dozed off. When I woke and got off at my stop I imagined the whole episode had been part of some strange psychotic dream (such things will happen more often as I get older some people jokingly tell me.) But no I heard mention of it from a couple passengers as they disembarked as well. So I'm sure it wasn't some sort of weird collective experience.

Now, I've had some strange things happen to me on the bus. I've missed my stop, got off at the wrong stop and once ended up getting on the wrong bus entirely and ending up at Albian Sands which is about as far north as you can travel before hitting the winter road to Fort Chipewyan. THIS little gem though had me chuckling to myself all day and will be difficult to top.

(view from Super Test Hill, southbound Highway 63, roughly 25km north of Fort McMurray, Feb. 2010)

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