Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

There has a been many a time the past year where I've sat down to try to do an overview of what Fort McMurray has to offer its residents and visitors. Like Icarus, ascending toward the sun, I come crashing down every time. In the two years I've been here I've seen a great deal but yet I know I've only scratched the surface. I am always hearing and discovering new things.

Enter local writer and fellow blogger, Theresa Wells of Fort McMurray Musings. In response to some recent bad press out of Edmonton about our city, she wrote this fantastic article for a popular Edmonton website to help set the record straight.

Not only does it combat some rather myopic views about Fort McMurray it is also a great read and nicely showcases all the wonderful things about our home here. Perhaps the one thing I can add is that we are home to an amazing Junior A hockey team. The Fort McMurray Oil Barons seem to put an entertaining and competitive team together year after year. In their 30 years history they've racked up some impressive stats with very few sub .500 seasons. In 2000 they won the RBC Cup right here on home ice. At the moment they sit second in the league with a record of 26-3-0-3 and the lowest "goals against average" in the league. Many times last year I remarked how I'd much rather stay here and catch an Oil Barons game then venture 5 hours down the highway to waste money on an Edmonton Oilers game. Ah, the love of the game...

But I digress.

I first came through Fort McMurray back in 2002. Back then this was just a jumping off point for getting to the small town I was working in at the time in Northern Saskatchewan. I never guessed I would buy my first home here and set down roots. Looking back, this place has changed so much. MacDonald Island then was a mere shadow of what it has since become in the intervening decade. This was the most obvious change I noticed when I think back to then but I've discovered plenty of other hidden gems as well. To be honest, I think that I moved here at a very exciting time. There is just so much going on as Theresa's article mentions and the city is evolving in so many exciting ways.

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