Friday, December 16, 2011

Chiquita Goes Bananas

According to media reports, banana producer Chiquita is looking to ban fuel sources derived from the Oil Sands. This comes from a company responsible for human rights abuses in Central America, crushing unions and the infamous Banana Massacre. Backed by the United States, Chiquita was complicit in the deaths of perhaps 2000 people. (This is actually where the term "Banana Republic" originated.) And yet, this fruit company is trying to take the high road by jumping on the environmental bandwagon. Apparently, it is more ethical for Chiquita to fulfill its oil needs by purchasing from such democratic bastions as Venezuela or Saudi Arabia. In Saudi Arabia, they don't have unionized workers, they just shoot you. This is also where they flog women like animals and back international terrorism among other such progressive and ethical practices. And God help you if you happen to be homosexual.

I get tired of the Oil Sands here becoming the global scape goat for all the evils of the world. The economic benefits span well beyond the borders of this province and indeed the country. I work with a few guys that came here to work because of the freedoms and choices we have, freedoms and choices that don't exist in other countries but where Chiquita apparently feels it is ok to take their business. Our GHG emissions are minimal compared to countries like the US and China and even the EU. I see that the PM and a few Alberta politicians have added their voices to this silly myopic decision. (NDP feel free to chime in any time. This is a union town after all and union jobs are on the line.)

Don't point fingers Chiquita. Don't demonize us. You have no right to the moral high road here. You fund designated terrorist organizations. Please. Don't lecture us. This action is nothing other than blatant hypocrisy.

Contact Chiquita here and tell them what you think.

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