Thursday, January 26, 2012


Just to allay the fears of people following along on my Facebook I will soon be gainfully employed again. For those who many have missed it, we learned back in December (shortly before Christmas as it turned out) that my employer's contract with Suncor was not being renewed and that another company would be taking it over shortly into the new year. There was however, going to be a transition period so it wasn't as if I was going to find myself unemployed the following day.

To make a very long story short, there followed a pile of contradictory information from many different sides about out options. Unions and companies can definitely act like little children sometimes. Anyhow, I received my lay off notice this past Monday. I since I wasn't about to wait idly around waiting to hear back from either the company or the union while they dickered I sent out a flurry of resumes. I was told I could apply with the new company through the union which was great news. But when I checked the union board it was to discover that my name is 3647 on the list in terms of seniority which of course wasn't such great news. The new company also had my resume which I had submitted for consideration for office positions but I didn't want to wait around forever hence my little flurry of resume-sending over the past 48 hours.

Fast forward to last night an I got word that the new company was calling around to people that had already been with the new company. (There are 3 scaffold yards there so obviously they wouldn't just want a whole bunch of new people in there not knowing what they are doing.) I had planned to give a quick call to the new company this morning just to follow up on my resume but as it turns out they forestalled me and called me first. So next week I will be heading back to Suncor and my old job site, but wearing a different hard hat. And I can breathe a little easier this morning.

Ironically, this was the last of a bunch of photos I had on my laptop that I planned to randomly attach to future blog posts. The old Hill Drug Store, now sitting in the Heritage Park. Originally, it sat on Franklin Ave. where Campbell's Music is today....and now that I have a job to go to I can relax and no longer entertain thoughts of needing to break in looking for anxiety meds. :)

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Sarah said...

Glad to hear you have a job... and not have to wait too long to figure it all out! :) Glad you are blogging again...