Monday, January 16, 2012

Definitely Not A Blue Monday

Apparently, today is Blue Monday. Pure pseudo-science of course. Today as rather productive as it turned out. With a little trepidation, I finished painting the living room this morning and while I was very conscious of the fact that I wouldn't be able to pull out an eraser if I screwed up, I have to say I'm pretty impressed with how things turned out. There are a few touch-ups I will have to do but its amazing how much a little paint can completely change the character of a room.

I had a productive conversation on the employment front and sent off a resume which potentially could keep me out at Suncor albeit with a different company. Funny that after a very unproductive conversation with my union office I can go strike out on my own and make much greater progress. So much for the whole "solidarity...we look out for our members" mantra.

And finally, on a completely different note, I've had a number of visitors to the yard over the past couple days. There are a number of birds I can count on as fairly regular visitors, and other than juncos, I've pretty much seen them all the past past two or three days. I even caught a few glimpses of a Blue Jay this morning which seem to hang out in everyone else's trees other than mine. Not too bad for a "Blue Monday".

View of the Athabasca River from the "Bridge to Nowhere."


Unkle B said...

I wouldn't mind a Blue on a Monday, not a wine drinker like yourself.

Way Way Up said...

LOL. Good one.

Unkle B said...

BTW we are patiently waiting on your comments about the fabulous news coming from the Liberal party, apparently they want to smoke lots of weed and still elect Boob Rae as their leader? Are they becoming the new green party?

Way Way Up said...

Ha. I don't have a problem with legalizing it within limits since there are much more important crime issues that should be dealt with. If the think that legalizing weed and having Rae as leader will somehow win them votes in Ontario then they are truly off the deep end. To be fair, I like Rae as a person. He's much less robotic than our PM but I think they spend too much time pandering to the GTA and Quebec.

I caught the tail end of a CBC interview with the NDP environment critic having to do with the pipeline issue. I'm not sure how she can have that smug look on her face and be against and expect the NDP to pick up any votes here in Alberta. The reality is that outside of the little enclave of Edmonton, the federal NDP is a complete joke here.