Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hardly Reality

I caught wind a few days ago on Fort McMurray Musings about a certain reality show that is being pitched. You can visit her post if you want to read more. Essentially, the producers of this show want to profile the lives of Fort McMurray woman who live affluent, pampered, drama-filled lives off the backs of their hard-working husbands/boyfriends on site. Believe me, I am doing my best to word this in order to avoid excessive amounts of profanity. But honestly, what a stupid, moronic idea for a show. What makes my blood boil even more is finding an ad for the show on Kijiji. Due to the ever-changing nature of the 'net, I re-post the body of the ad below rather than link to it so you can see for yourself in case the stupid thing disappears. (And yes, I couldn't let this trash do unchallenged without firing back my own profanity-laden response via Kijiji.)

Date Listed 19-Jan-12
Address 409 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V 1K1, Canada
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Job Type Full-Time
We're looking for women whose lives have been transformed by the oil industry. Does your husband/boyfriend work for the oil industry? Are your friends also oil-wives? Do you have a big personality that goes along with your big life$tyle!? Should you have your own television show?!

Proper Television is now casting 4-6 rig wives, ages 22-45 to star in this new docu-series. We're looking for a lively bunch, with HUGE personalities, living affluent, drama-filled lives.

Does this sound like you? If so, please click on this link to fill out our online questionnaire:

Please include a short 2-4 minute video of yourself. Tell us about you, your friends, what you do for fun! Tell us about your husband/boyfriend, his job, your life together and what you do when he's away working long hours. Show us your personality; give us a tour of your home/property. Have fun with it!!!

Upload your video to a private page on Youtube and include the link with your online questionnaire (above).


Once all video submissions are viewed the finalists will be chosen and calls/emails will go out to our 5 lucky ladies on their way to becoming Canada's new reality stars, good luck ladies.

On second thought......I wish this mindless crap would disappear.

Dear Producers of "Proper Television" [sic],

What an ironic name you give yourselves. This show idea is anything but proper. The 1950's are LONG over. The myth of the woman staying at home doing nothing (like it even existed to begin with) is gone. This is not a bedroom community of suburbs where the man goes to work while the woman stays home. Actually, if you knew anything at all about Fort McMurray beyond what a quick Google search would show you, you would know full well that a vast VAST majority of woman work in this town. And they work damn hard. Fort McMurray can be an expensive place to live. The real reality is that both husband and wife (or boyfriend and girlfriend) have to work to make ends meet. I'm while I'm at it, there is more here than just the husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend dynamic you focus on. I personally know many immigrants and minorities who work hard to support family back in their home countries. From my own work experience I know of many woman in the trades. They are supervisors, forewomen, and drive heavy machinery. One of the best forklift drivers I know at work happens to be female. But no, you wouldn't realize this as you focus so myopically on some dreamy fantasy perception of life here that simply doesn't exist. Feel free to dig out a thesaurus if you have difficulty deciphering any of my verbiage.........I'll wait.

Even the header on your own website demonstrates you don't have a clue! In your own word's...."Proper's focus is on all things factual, from reality through fact-ent [sic] to specialist factual." HUH? Setting aside that reality television is far from factual, it seems you can't even form proper sentences. For God's sake, my 10-month-old son has produced better things in his diaper than that gem.

In short, grow a brain and get lost. Would you go to Vancouver and portray all people there as hard-core drug-users or tree-huggers? Would you go to Nova Scotia and portray everyone there are fishermen or everyone in PEI as a bunch of Anne of Green Gables-hugging potatoe farmers? How about a reality show about reality show producers instead.....just a bunch brain-dead nobodies in search of exploiting the good people of our town for a quick buck. Now THAT's closer to reality.


Morena said...

Real housewives of Fort McMurray? I can't stand to watch those shows. I would love to see a show about woman in the trades though. That's an idea they should run with.

Morena said...
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Way Way Up said...

I think they would find much more applicants if they looked for tradeswomen here too.

Stephanie said...

Exactly why we don't have cable in our house!!!