Friday, January 13, 2012

Moments of Angst

Although there is a lot going on around here I'm not sure what to write about but seeing as this blog has been rather quiet as of late I will do my best here. i decided to book off a couple of extra days for the end of my last shift so rather than my usual four days, today starts a nice stretch of six. I've rarely taken extra days over the past year and half so I figured now was as good a time as any. As a further upshot I'll avoid working outside when the weather takes the huge dip predicted to arrive in the next few days.

I'm hoping to put the time to good use with a few things I need to do around the house but also so deal issues on the job front. With my employer losing its contract with Suncor, our time there is quickly winding down. Without going into detail simply switching hard hats and getting on with the new contractor has hit a few road blocks beyond our control. Without going in to detail there are a few of us at work that aren't exactly thrilled with out union at the moment. Anyhow, I have options so I suppose I shouldn't worry too much. Turns out that long before finding out our contract would not be renewed had done myself a huge favour by handing my resume in to my general foreman who in turn passed it on to his supervisor. So here goes. I know I shouldn't worry but it just in my nature.

On a brighter note, I have 6 days off and I've now succeeded on renting out each of the three rooms I had advertised. Everyone works long hours and I keep a quiet house which all three told me was a high point on their list. One tenant won't actually be moving in until February but he really wanted the room and nicely enough, was willing to pay the full rent up front in order to secure the room. So there you have it.

I have a few new books I'd like to tuck in to and I'm hoping my grosbeaks show up. I saw one early this morning as I headed out to run some errands but I don't get a chance to enjoy them (or the red polls that have been frequenting my backyard feeder) when my work hours see to it that I go long stretches when its always dark out when I find myself at home. I look forward to remedying this tomorrow.


Unkle B said...

they need some of those signs in Toronto :-)

Way Way Up said...

This was on the sign leading into Janvier near the last school I worked in. Always wanted to sneak out there and grab the whole thing when no one was looking. I think Edmonton could use a few signs like this. Its been a crazy year for homocides down there.