Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Dirty Secret

One of my many little quirks is that I have a tendency to collect things and never seem able to throw anything out. I guess I am a collector by nature. I wouldn't say that I'm a hoarder or anything. Sure I have lots of books and CDs but nothing too crazy. Occasionally though, things tend to accumulate unintentionally as I realized this afternoon while going through some of my clothes.

Due to the outdoor nature of work, we are supplied with balaclavas and glove liners. Normally, I'll wear a couple balaclavas under my hard hat to keep my head warm. At the end of the day, rather than throw them out, I stuff them in my bag along with my glove liners but the following work day I'm not always good at digging them out of my bag so I'll grab fresh ones. Slowly these balaclavas and glove liners began a slow migration from work to my work bag to my closet at home. (I find them convenient on my days off if I'm out and about. If I come across one in a coat pocket or my work bag, I tend to wash them up and re-use them.)

Not all the guys at work are as good at re-using stuff so there is the odd day where items like balaclavas and glove liners are in short supply at work. I once joked that at the rate I was going, no one on my shift would have to worry about work running out of these winter items since I was sure a day would come when I would have saved up enough of them to supply everyone for the day.

I think that day may have arrived. And I may have outdone myself. This morning I counted 13 pairs of glove liners and 14 balaclavas in my closet. That's actually enough to supply pretty much both shifts together on most days.

Fort McKay River, winter 2010.


Unkle B said...

I hear I thought that you were going to spill the beans about your love for the Dukes of Hazzard!

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