Thursday, January 5, 2012

When The Unclear Becomes Clearer and The Simple Becomes Difficult

I have to admit to a little angst and indecision as of late as our work contract with Suncor winds down. Fortunately, I have choices. It's just a matter of making the best choice, of course. I could stay with my employer or try to get picked up by the company taking over the contract. I could also go "into the field". A few courses and I could qualify as a second year apprentice. I could look for an office position with the company or send out resumes and seek employment in an entirely different direction. The first few years of my teaching career involved a number of moves so I'd rather just stay with the company. I wouldn't mind going into the field as I'm still at an age where it is feasible. In a worse case scenario, I could get laid off and not taken on by the new company. Each scenario has played through my mind lately and yes, there have been moments of angst. Knowing that your employment situation is going to change isn't exactly a great way to start of the new year.

As it turns out, things got a little interesting today. Without jinxing myself and going into great detail (because a lot of things are still up in the air) it turns out my general foreman has mentioned me to his supervisor and a position may open up in town where I would be working in a warm office with the supervisor as a planner for the company or something along those lines. Apparently, my foreman wants to set up a meeting next week involving himself, the supervisor and me to Hearing this little gem was definitely a nice way to end the day.

When I began the day I quipped that I must really lack a life because the highlight of my day was going to be when I got home and hooked up the new shower head for a hot shower. (The old one is woefully inadequate and I didn't yet have a proper wrench to get the new one connected.) With wrench in hand, I found myself standing in the shower in my birthday suit (sorry for the horrid visual) eager to get the new shower head attached. Sounds simple enough, screwing on a new shower head. Only, for some reason, the rubber washers didn't want to cooperate so I ended up just spraying water all over the place before putting the old shower heard back on. I'm sure there is a simple solution but after a 12-hour day it seems I am fairly inept at performing simple tasks.

Finally, so you are not left with nightmarish thoughts of me installing a shower head au naturel, I give you this 2009 photo of Fort McMurray's first bank, now a fixture in the local heritage park. (Yes, I had some bills to pay today.)


Unkle B said...

don't forget to use some teflon tape on the pipe threads before attaching the the shower head.

Good luck with the job thingy!

Way Way Up said...

I'll do my best. It seems a lot of things in that bathroom haven't always worked as they should so at least the shower head is being consistent if nothing else.

Unkle B said...

it must belong to a union!