Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Since I work outside, I'm certainly not going to complain but still, I find a large part of me asking where exactly winter went this year. From unseasonable images in Prince Edward Island, to Edmonton, where many no doubt are thankful not to see a repeat of last year's "snowmageddon", winter weather, or the lack of it seems to be on a lot of people's minds. This winter season has easily been the mildest I've experienced in a dozen years.

Part of me misses the crisp coldness of winter snow though. I miss the way it crunches under my boots as I walk in the forest or across the tundra. I miss the stillness of the winter air....and yes, throwing a pot of boiling water into the air when the mercury sits at -40C is pretty cool. Part of me just misses being out in winter weather just long enough to get numb and they scurrying indoors to curl up with a good book. Yes, these are all strong images from my past and I miss them. It just hasn't been the same this year.

We do have snow here, just not as much as we have in past years. Of course this is only my 3rd winter here so I can only compare this season to the previous two. Other than a windy November and a slight dip in the temperature a couple weeks ago, this season has been rather impotent. While, I'm not asking Mother Nature to sock us with a blizzard (I do want a safe commute to site tomorrow) would be nice to see a little more bite to the season. Anything less just wouldn't be Canadian to me.

To console myself I dug these two photos out of the archives. They were actually taken in the Spring of 2010 after an unexpected dump of snow. I loved all the whiteness though it did do a number on my neighbor's tree....

...and one of my own...

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