Friday, February 17, 2012


I know the blog has been pretty quietly lately but not because of lack of things going on. Au contraire, its seems just the opposite. Its perhaps just that much of what is going on here likely wouldn't be of that much interest to people I suspect. I could write about how work (after a few initial bumps and bruises) is progressing nicely or about how the bus broke down on the way to work this morning and we had to transfer to another coach, making me 30 minutes late and oh yes, I was lead hand in the yard and had to get the guys organized and going in the morning once I eventually got there. I could write about how I walked a million miles around the yard today helping my foreman completely reorganize the place (and we're not quite finished it yet. I would of course love to write about the Great Backyard Bird Count that started today and how I will most likely miss it. I could also write about how the cat is mercifully not in heat anymore and that I've wised up and plan to get her into the vet on my next days off.

One thing I definitely will mention is the recent performance of Mozart's opera Don Giovanni courtesy of the Metropolitan Opera's live HD program. Sadly I missed it since I was in the middle of my first shift with my new employer and wasn't sure what kind of work schedule I would have. I'm sure it would have been fantastic to see in the brand spanking new auditorium we have here at the recently-opened Holy Trinity High School. I can take solace in having seen Don Giovanni in Prague back in 2007, performed in the very theatre where it debuted. I have a photo of the theatre below. Its name escapes me at the moment but its only a very short walk from St. Charles Square. I will get a chance to see another operatic performance though, this time Verdi's 'La Traviata' this coming June so here's hoping.

At the risk of sounding overly pedantic and fuddy-duddy, I'm also working my through a few recordings of Mozart's piano concerti and am pondering the upcoming provincial election here. I also pondered a response to Justin Trudeau's latest hissy fit but since I've already dressed down Pat Martin, I'd rather not waste my time and efforts on mere politicians. I can also add that, in living up my belief that you are never too old to learn to something new, I am also picking up a little Somali. I've actually been learning a few words and phrases here and there over the past year. Granted, not all of it is intended for use in polite company and it not that I will ever be able to have any serious discussions or anything like that with some of the guys I work with but I've always been interested in learning about different languages and cultures as anyone familiar with my old Nunavut blog may know.

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opit said...

``not all of it is intended for use in polite company``
The exact description my boss made about his learning Filipino.Not that the sentiments are anything but Apocryphal.