Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pat Martin, Honourable Asshole

I'm not sure if it's the unseasonable weather I talked about in my last post or that I woke up with a monster headache and queasy stomach this morning but for whatever reason, I found myself in a cranky mood for part of the day. So hearing the garbage come out of the sewer that Pat Martin calls a mouth in regards to some recent comments made by a Canadian Senator had me a little steamed. I can't believe people actually the type of language applaud what this clown Martin has to say. That Martin himself defends his actions to my mind is just plain sick.

Rather than leave a few comments on the bottom of news articles gather up unread with many others, I decided to take the bull by the horns, find Pat Martin's email and give him a piece of my mind. Quite frankly, Mr. Martin if you and your colleagues think this language is ok you have issues. And honestly, if you think you can go on ranting about how euthanasia is ok and being tough on violent offenders isn't, about needing draconian gun control or how the oil sands are evil and think you are going to somehow attract votes in this province, you really should seek help.

For the curious, here is my little email more or less, to the Honourable Asshole.

Dear Mr. Martin,

I find your recent comments regarding the Senator Boisvenu deplorable. You want workers like myself to support your party yet you go off the hinge and make embarrassing comments when you open your mouth. Don't tell me the debate is closed on capital punishment. Capital punishment was ended here in 1976. I was less than 2 years old at the time so I didn't get to have my say. I am so sick and tired of you and the NDP going on and on about what you think ordinary Canadians want. I'm an ordinary's what I want...get tough on more concurrent sentences, no more 25 years, murder equals life, or yes, in some cases the death penalty.. That is my opinion. Don't freak out and swear at me because you may disagree. I would much rather pay for a rope or keep violent repeat offenders behind bars permanently rather than pay for that gold-plated pension of yours which you obviously don't deserve.

Notice I said "murder" Tough sentences for the most heinous crimes like murder. Please stop getting sidetracked and twisting debate....I am not talking about the average thief here. I mean murders, rapists, child abusers. Get tough on these people.

Back to Boisvenu though.....he is only saying what many of us are thinking. Unless you really want to come to Fort McMurray and tell a bunch of oil workers they are assholes for thinking as the Senator does. Yeah, I didn't think're all talk.

This was an off-the-cuff remark sir, like your off-the-cuff tweet a few months ago. It is a canard, a dead issue. PLEASE. Please move on and deal with more important issues. If the only way you can raise your party profile is through milking these little side-show issues you have serious problems and I won't bother wasting my time to hear what you have to say, let along vote for you.

You and your party support assisted suicide and abortion yet you freak out over what really should be done to a murderer?? Give me a break. I know you won't respond to this email. You're just another pompous and arrogant politician.

At this point I finished off with a few expletives letting him know how I really felt about him. Not the best of form I know but really, I was cranky today so to get this far into a letter against a politician from a political party I simply cannot stand without using a few four-letter words was a Herculean feat in itself.

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