Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crossing the Clearwater

As I mentioned in yesterday's post I had spent the afternoon down around the Snye. While I had a few errands to attend to I couldn't quite contain my inner child who suggested I cross over the Clearwater where it meets the Snye and check out the far bank. Given the warming temperatures, my inner child was growing impatient and I had to agree. The number of opportunities I would get to at least have a look-see were fast disappearing.

The photo below was taken looking upstream on the Clearwater.

It was a bit muddy as I scrambled up the far bank but I managed. And I was able to snap a few shot of Fort McMurray through the trees from a vantage point I wouldn't otherwise be able to.

There was a road of sorts that I followed for about a kilometre or so before turning back. I imagine its some sort of winter road though I'm not clear on where exactly it goes. I know in the past there were trap lines that kept over there and I did see a few signs warning passers-by to keep their dogs on a leash because of them. Other than that though, this area was pure Terra incognito to me. Which is just fine by me. If there's anything I love its new places to explore. And as luck would have it, I did see my first two Downy Woodpeckers of the season just a few yards up the road after crossing over.

Sadly, with the river ice melting I'm not sure about my chances of getting back there in the near future but I will definitely add it to my list of places to see.

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