Sunday, March 11, 2012


I inherited a new companion a few months ago in the form of a cat. A neighborhood stray kept showing up at the back door late last November and has slowly become a member of the household. I'm not really sure how old she is but likely but likely she's around a year old. I can say I'm not especially fond of cats but she has grown on me. Plus, I've been around the north long enough to know how well stray animals fare and it isn't pretty. I must say that I do find her black, white and brown colouration rather unique. For the longest time, she didn't have a name and I usually just referred to her as "Hey You", usually followed by "stop that", "get out of there" or "man, you sure can fart up a storm!"

At any rate, it didn't seem quite right for her not to have a name so I've taken to calling her Drifter, although, like most cats, she doesn't really respond to it. She's been great though with keeping out from under my tenants' feet and not making any messes.

She does make for a pretty low-maintenance companion. Usually, I come home to find her sleeping on the bed...

..waking just long enough to, shall we say, attend to her backside, before, rolling over for some more z's.

Ya, this cat lives a tough life.


Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

ahahh I like those first few names!

Way Way Up said...

She listens as well as some teenagers do .