Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fort McMurray Forum

Fort McMurray Forum is a local online discussion group that I'll admit I don't spend as much time perusing as I should. It's a good source of news and information, in short a convenient way to gauge the heartbeat of the community and engage in some good discussion.

I have to admit that the contents of my last post, where I responded to the misguided stereotypes of a certain publication, were referenced in one of the threads and I'm both surprised and a bit flattered. It's nice to know you have a voice and that people are interested in what I have to say. My previous post has been my most viewed post since it went up over the weekend, finally knocking posts I did about scaffolding and the Fort Chipewyan winter road down a few notches. Many thanks to all who stopped by!


Mrs.Loonie said...

I really wish there were more activity on the forum though like how used to be. Mymcmurray's new forum layout is just impossible to navigate! Btw, great post on the British article, there are always those myths that need debunking!

Way Way Up said...

Hi Mrs. Loonie. I'll be sure to check out the forum more often. Thanks, too, for the kind words. I spent a few years in Nunavut and blogged about the seal hunt so I'm used to dealing with myopic points of view. I don't see my blog as an advocacy type to blog though I certainly don't back down from addressing controversial issues when I feel they need to be addressed.