Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Last Gasp

While much of the rest of the country basks under record-setting summer conditions, winter is still very much with us here. Temperature-wise its actually been quite decent. Late late last week it hit 9C here for a high but then the weekend came and with it, snow. We've probably had a good foot or so over the past few days. Nothing unusual I think as I recall getting a more impressive dump of snow on one memorable Spring day mere weeks after I bought the house here. I must confess though thinking to myself, "This is Spring?". But all in due time. It does make for good working weather outside. I find it ironic that a region often accused by alarmists as being on the forefront of causing global warming in Canada has more snow than many other places of the country at the moment.

The above photo looks more remote than it really is. It was taken during my last days off along a fairly busy road which I cropped out. Its an area I like to frequent in the warmer weather as provides quite the birding bonanza and I look forward to getting in there once this last gasp of winter has gone.

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