Monday, March 19, 2012

Nice Set Of Wheels

I had to do a double-take when I came across this news photo. I've never really been one to follow politics at a provincial level but we are due for an election here within the next couple of months. I know, I know. The PC's will win yet another majority. I think the Conservatives here are more broad-based and don't occupy as a narrow a slice of the political spectrum as many people may think. (Even the current Liberal leader was a former PC.) At least that's my own humble perspective. Post-election, regardless of the results, we will to my knowledge be the only province that has ever had a both a female premier and female leader of the opposition. It's enough to make all those progressives over the border in British Columbia go ballistic. Ha! put that in your pipe and smoke it, ya hippies!

Anyhow, while I find it likely that the PC's will bleed a few seats to the Wild Rose, they should see another healthy majority this Spring. (Locally, the two PC candidates are both long-term Fort McMurray residents and I have difficulty seeing a scenario where they both aren't elected.)

While support has waxed and waned for the Wild Rose, they still face quite a battle. Clearly, this design gaffe is not the way Wild Rose leader Danielle Smith wanted to start out an election campaign.

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