Friday, March 9, 2012

No Country For Young Men...No Place For Hack Journalists

This morning, courtesy of local blogger Middle Age Bulge, I was able to track down the GQ article, entitled No Country For Young Men , which I've discussed in previous posts. My initial plan was to break the article down by paragraph and rebut its inaccurate statements. Having slogging through this piece of hack journalism however (it takes up 3 pages), I found it so full of garbage and other mindless crap that I'm sure my big show shovel wouldn't be able to cope.

By the tone of the article, everyone here is involved with drugs.....A SHOOT OUT ON EVERY CORNER!! Please. What kind of mindless drivel is this? I've been to every part of the city here so I can say that the writer's claims are pure hyperbole. Sorry to disappoint, but I was awaken not by the sound of gun fire but by the red polls and waxwings that frequent my front yard trees.

I must say I did like the line about the scaffolder who worked on site here, pulled in $250,000 year and then bought a gold mine. Hey, I'm in scaffolding! Gold watches and bling for everyone! Yes, you heard it here FMA exclusive.

Truthfully, though, if you go digging for dirt, you'll find it. It's easy. Fort McMurray is an easy target for any hack journalist out there. One could easily launch into a diatribe against [insert name of religion here], any political party, the RCMP, the Oilers, the Maple Leafs etc. etc..

I won't waste time sifting through all the inaccurate and ridiculous statements made in this article. I will add though, that Fort McMurray is definitely not "the middle of nowhere." I spent 4 years living 750km of the Arctic Circle and even that was somewhere. Scratch below the surface and you find that Arctic Bay, Nunavut, where I was living at the time, has, like Fort McMurray, a rich culture and history. (I'm sure I could write an article about England and how for hundreds of years a certain group of people there thought they were culturally superior and could force their views and way of life on a large chunk of the planet. At the turn of the last century, something like 25% of Earth's citizens were British "subjects" but I digress). A place is only "boring" because you are boring. Yes, "nowhere" is always somewhere and that somewhere is my home.


Russell Thomas said...

Thank you! Every voice matters on this particular issue.

Way Way Up said...

Any time. At least when I was defending the seal hunt on my old Nunavut blog they could put up a good argument on occasion. This, on the other hand, is sheer stupidity.