Monday, March 12, 2012

North Pole

So it was a bit of a chaotic weekend here. First a power outage early last Friday morning that threw downtown into darkness for much of the morning and then some wet snow last night that led to several fender benders around the city. Northbound traffic was backed up from Confederation all the way to the bridge and the Thickwood overpass was a parking lot with a view. Getting downtown wasn't exactly fun but luckily I only had to do a short list of errands and traffic had improved markedly by the time I headed for home. It was a big sloppy mess out there but at least one transit bus driver had a good sense of humour through it all.


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hey,, just wondering why you are not on Facebook?? Uncle Brian was dissapointed to be missing your blogs,, ( me too btw i like reading them when I am up night time feeds)