Friday, March 2, 2012

Random Aerials of Fort McMurray

I thought I would post a few aerial shots I've found of the city to give you an idea of the lay of the land here so to speak.

Downtown Fort McMurray looking southwest with the Athabasca and Thickwood Heights in the background. The Snye is on the right and the Clearwater cuts along the bottom.

Downtown looking northward down river.

Downtown looking more or less south-east with the Snye River on the lower left and the Clearwater on the far left heading off into the distance.

Downtown with a piece of lower Thickwood in the foreground

Three bridges span the river. The bridge in the foreground recently opened back in the fall. It is notable for being the biggest bridge in Alberta in terms of deck area. The two other bridges are currently being being upgraded and are schedule to re-open in 2013. Also visible up river here are our water treatment plant on the right and a tiny portion of Abasand Heights on the left.

The Thickwood overpass under construction.  It opened back in the fall making for a much easier commute home from work.

Thickwood Heights heading up Thickwood Boulevard from Highway 63.

....and finally, my little neck of the woods.  Part of the Signal Road area of Thickwood.  It's pretty much impossible to make out but my little chateau is hidden away in there somewhere.

(NB - FMA will gladly cite all photos pending further information.)


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am working on some research on Fort McMurray. Could have your permission to use some of your pictures for this project? Some of the images could be published. If I can use them, could I have some credit information and any dates that you might have for them?

My email is:
Thank you so much for your help!

Way Way Up said...

Hi the best of my knowledge all the photos in this post are in the public domain.