Saturday, March 24, 2012

Return To The Island

I had a number of errands to run downtown yesterday as it always seems I do on my days off. This time, however, I wasn't going to complain. When I last went downtown at the end of my last shift, it was to face a power outage and some rather unpleasant weather. I had to print a few things off which necessitated a trip to the library and MacDonald Island. Sadly, its been a rather long time since I was last there.

Now the wonderful thing about Mac Island is that every time I go there, something is going on. This weekend there is a provincial junior hockey tournament on the go, Atom Division I believe. Or at least, that's what the posters I saw up told me. Teams came from as far as Grande Prairie, Lethbridge and Okotoks (for some reason I just love to say that name...Okotoks.) Anyhow, I watched a bit of the action before heading on my way.

I also passed by the Snye, still frozen over and apparently still safe enough to skidoo on judging from the tracks I saw. The Snye (doesn't that sound like some strange mythical beast?) is one of my favorite haunts for water fowl and I know I'll be back when the river breaks up.

The remainder of my time downtown was a little mundane, a quick bite to eat at A&W and standing in line at the post office. Still, inspite of the bite in the air this morning its starting to feel as if I'm emerging from my winter cocoon to visit parts of the city I haven't had to time to see in recent weeks.

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