Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rex Murphy

After the stir caused by a recent piece of yellow journalism it is refreshing to hear of an upcoming visit by CBC commentator Rex Murphy. Murphy will be in town next weekend to host an edition of Cross Country Check Up. His plan is to talk, not just to oil workers, but people who live here, unlike the moronic hacks that squeezed out this pile of excrement. Balance seems hard to come by as far as discussion involving Fort McMurray, unfortunately, which is really sad. How can you even have a meaningful discussion or even a debate when the playing field is so skewed?

Now, unfortunately, his visit falls smack dab in the middle of my coming shift, but I look forward to hearing about what he has to say and will be keeping my ear close to the ground to pick up what I hear about the March 18 show.

Welcome to Fort McMurray, Rex. We do hope you enjoy your visit!

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