Saturday, March 10, 2012


One of the consequences of renting out rooms is that you will inevitably run into difficult people. Now, having said this, I must say that so far, my venture into landlording has had very few hitches. I did run into an odd situation last Friday night after work when I came home to find a key on the table and a note on the fridge announcing that one of my tenants had decided at the last minute to go back to Edmonton. No further explanation but he did leave a phone number and ask me to contact him. Which was a good thing since his beat up Volvo was still sitting in my driveway....sans license plates and with a flat tire.

Numerous calls (I've lost track of how many) throughout the past week got me nowhere. Generally I like to think I'm a pretty easy-going kinda guy, but I find my inner dragon slowly emerging. THERE'S A JUNKY VOLVO TAKING UP SPACE IN MY DRIVEWAY! I would have dealt with the matter yesterday but a major power outage the night before threw the city into a little chaos from what I've been hearing. So it looks like I'll be contacting the local RCMP to "vin" the vehicle and have it towed.


Unkle B said...

Document everything and consult with the agency that governs landlord/tenant issues. there probably is a period where you may have to keep it before disposing of it. you don't want to be out of pocket due to not following their laws. Either that or you put it in the street and sooner or later the city will impound it and it won't cost you anything.

Way Way Up said...

Actually did get a text from the guy after a week. Perhaps he reads my blog here. At any rate the car should be out of my space in a few more days.