Tuesday, April 24, 2012


After several days of anticipation, the Athabasca River finally broke this past weekend, officially at 3:15 Sunday afternoon.  It comes one day earlier than last year and is about par for the course.  Records of the break up have been kept more or less continuously since 1875 and the median break up date I believe is April 19.

Given that this was a thermal break up rather than a dynamic break up and that the adjoining Clearwater hasn't broke yet (as far as I'm aware) flooding hopefully won't pose a major threat.  At any rate, I have no fear of that here as my house sits well above the river valley.  Unfortunately the best views I have of the river at the moment are from work where it's not particularly wise to be running around with a camera.  If this year is like last though, I'm sure the Athabasca will have more than its share of exposure on the blog here.

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