Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fast And Furious

After a long winter, April is a breath a fresh air.  It is one of my favorite months for birding.  I get great views of our non-migratories over the winter without leaving the house but nothing beat heading out on a foray once the milder weather hits.  It seems that every day I catch a glimpse of a bird returning after its migration.  This year has been no exception as I've seen 8 species this month (5 birds in the past 7 days) that have been off my radar for some months now.

Here are my most recent additions to my year list, along with the dates they were first sighted.

-- Slate-coloured Junco (April 5)
-- House Sparrow (April ?)
-- Herring Gull (April 10)
-- Canada Goose (April 15)
-- Chipping Sparrow (April 18)
-- Rock Dove (April 20)
-- Tree Swallow (April 20)
-- Red-Winged Blackbird (April 21)

An interesting note about the red-winged blackbird as I had read on an on-line forum about a sighting at a nearby storm pond on March 17, if I recall the date correctly.  This piqued my interest since it seemed a bit earlier than usual.  Indeed there was still a generous amount of snow on the ground at the time.  Since there was still a decent amount of usable light in the evening I made a bee-line for this storm pond one evening during my last shift but came up empty.  Today though, I made up for it by spotting one among the reeds and a second in a nearby tree.  At first I wasn't able to make out what the one in the reeds was until it took flight, revealing its tell-tale shoulder patches.

I'm sure there will be more species turning up in the coming days and I look forward to adding completely new species to my life list as always.


sassy said...

WWU - the Keira comment is SPAM. The exact same comment has been posted on at least 5 other blogs in the past few days.

Just thought you should know.


Way Way Up said...

Thanks Sassy.

Darn! And here I was thinking I was starting to finally get some more comments on the blog here.

sassy said...

Perhaps not a lot of comments, but if your other readers are like me, I read a lot of blogs, but post comments on only a few and that . . . in spurts and starts.