Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Good Job Cole!

I mentioned a few days ago about my nephew getting called up from his Midget Team in Ontario to play for the local Junior C team. He put in a good showing and definitely turned a lot of heads, becoming the talk of the town (according to my sister, she couldn't go anywhere without anyone commenting or asking about him) and no doubt piquing the interest of junior hockey scouts. He even scored a couple radio interviews in Belleville and Barrie, Ontario.

His team made it to the semi-finals and made it to within one win of a date with Grimsby for the finals. Unfortunately, that's as far as the team gets this season as they bowed out tonight against Alliston. Cole played great but unfortunately the scoring wasn't always there when needed. He logged more minutes between the pipes than any of the other teams' goalies (something like 939 miutes) and made some spectacular saves. Of course, goalies rarely score goals themselves and when you face an average of 37 shots per game in a series....well, the laws of probability make it a challenge to chalk one up in the win column.

But hey, the guy's 16, playing against the 18-20 year-old crowd. How many 16-year-olds can say they played competitively at this level? I'm sure it was a great experience for him and any opportunity to further your skill development and expand your horizons is always a good thing.

Congrats on a stellar season, Cole! You've done your team, your community and your family proud!

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