Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Signs of the Apocalypse

Considering we are in the midst of a rather heated, high-stakes election campaign, I haven't seen all that many campaign signs around, although since the writ was dropped I haven't really been around too many parts of the city other than Thickwood and Downtown. Perhaps that will change in the next couple weeks before voting day. I can't actually vote for either of these candidates since my part of Thickwood isn't included in their riding, but I will most definitely be voting. No excuse, really, since I'm off work that day.

I'll avoid getting into politics here (that's a first, I know) except to say I hope Fort McMurray ends up with at least one voice at the government table. I also hope that the party leaders of both leading parties can stop their petty sniping (a tall order I know) about how one party leader doesn't have children and the other doesn't seem to like Alberta, and get on with business.


Mrs.Loonie said...

Don Scott has sure littered our neighborhood with his signs. From the turn off from Hospital Street down to our house into Grayling Terrace, we are lucky enough to see 9 of his signs!! I even tweeted him to ask him to keep his signs to the main roads but instead of replying he started following me! Yeesh!

Way Way Up said...

The only place here I've seen a ton of signs is around the Casman Centre which I guess is understandable with the Oil Barons playoff success. I'm actually curious if there are any NDP signs anywhere. I've asked around at work and haven't heard of one yet. May try to take a photo of one as a novelty.