Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sold Out

I haven't really mentioned it much on the blog here but I've been a keen follower of our local Junior "A" hockey team here - the Fort McMurray Oil Barons aka The MOB. My plan was to get to a few games this season since the arena is only a short walk away. Unfortunately, the best laid plans....blah, blah, blah. It's not that I didn't have plenty of opportunity but between work and other obligations, I was never able to make it. I had a couple decent chances last week to catch a semi-final match but with long work days and early morning get ups it just wasn't good timing for me. Missing last weeks' matches turned out to be especially frustrating as the Barons won both games.

Fast forward to tonight and I went down to see if perchance I could score some play-off tickets. A win tonight against arch-rival Spruce Grove and the Barons would be off to the Alberta Junior Hockey League final against Brooks. It wasn't to be however as I discovered what a hockey mad place Fort McMurray can be.

My first inkling of my dwindling chances of getting a ticket was a very crowded parking lot. The photo doesn't really tell the whole story as there were vehicles parked in any available space, including the grass, or at least the grass that was under all the snow we are getting at the moment.

And the coup de grace...

At least I can still catch live updates online though its not quite the same as being there. Hopefully the MOB makes it to the next round (they have yet to lose a playoff game at home so far) and I can see them in the league final.

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