Thursday, April 12, 2012


Bear with me if my posts become a bit spotty for the remainder of the month. Starting tomorrow I will be working 12 hour days for about the next three weeks. Without going into a lot of detail, which probably isn't all that interesting anyway, we have some new form work from a German-based company, very different from what I'm used to dealing with, that we are stocking in the yard. So there is a lot of moving and re-organizing that needs to be done.

I've known for a few weeks now that when this new material arrived I would be the main guy on my shift responsible for dealing with it, which has been a pretty interesting experience in itself. I'm enjoying the new challenge as this form work is very different from the rest of our gear. There are a few sizes and lengths which the North American stuff doesn't have and even some new pieces that look similar to what we have or ones that are completely different.

And who says a music degree isn't useful in a scaffold yard? As this particular form work is from a German-based company, a lot of the racks, baskets and technical info is written in German. Luckily my background has given enough of an idea of what the German means which enables me to figure things out and explain to co-workers and foremen alike.

Anyhow, I've packed an extra large lunch for tomorrow and am now good to go. So I'm not ignoring you or the blog, I'm just going to be a little extra busy.

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