Monday, May 21, 2012

Alberta Minister Promises More Action On 63

Cudos, I suppose, to our new Transportation Minister for driving Highway 63 for himself this long weekend.  Unlike, say, Paul Watson, who makes a living off bashing the seal hunt yet never had the courage to actually visit Nunavut where I lived for a number of years, to see for himself the economic effects of his actions and words, and unlike Thomas Mulcair, who will mindlessly bash my town during an election campaign to score cheap points yet never actually come here to see that there is much more to this place than just the oil sands, Minister McIver, at least earns himself a modicum of respect for driving the distance.  Of course, as the the CBC reports here, he only drove it in one direction...leaving Fort McMurray, which is in itself pretty telling I think of how our politicians in Edmonton view here.

It all looks just so promising.  But wait......According to the minister the section of 63 from Wandering River south to Highway 55 will be fully twinned in three years.  Judging by my atlas that's perhaps one-fifth of  the section leading to Fort McMurray.  So...assuming the Conservatives actually do what they say (a tall order I know) this means that from 2006 until 2015, about one-fifth of the highway will be twinned.  Sorry, Minister.  Not good enough.

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