Monday, May 7, 2012


A couple weeks ago while I was poking around down at the Snye, I came across a cairn denoting one end of the Methye Portage, an old transportation route linking the Athabasca River to Lac La Loche, across the border in Saskatchewan via the Clearwater.  After posting a photo of the cairn on my blog here, on commenter mentioned that this was one of three such cairns, dating from the 1930's.  Another important cairn (pictured below) can be found just inside the treeline at the edge of the parking lot at MacDonald Island.  It commemorates the signing of Treaty 8 on August 4, 1899.  A third cairn, which is a little more tricky to get to can be found a few hundred kilometres north in the community of Fort Chipewyan.

(Below: Methye Portage cairn photo taken back in March.  It commemorates Peter Pond, the first European to reach the confluence of the Athabasca and Clearwater Rivers in 1778.)

I was also to learn that this is not the original spot for the Methye Cairn as it has been moved a couple of times.    Five years ago this week past week as it turns out, the cairn was moved to this spot from Franklin Avenue.  It's original position was outside the Old Peter Pond School on Haineault where the Superstore now stands.

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Anonymous said...

For the record, the original location was right on Franklin Avenue across from Tamarack Village. It was situated in front of the Peter Pond School. St. John's Catholic School was located where the Super Store currently is on Haineaut Street. Thanks for posting!