Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fowl Shot

Water fowl aren't really my forte when it comes to birding...and not just because of my lack of exposure to them. It's not very often that I get to see buffleheads but I did this past weekend.  A few small beaver ponds yielded up some good specimens, among them a couple mallards and a bufflehead.  I spent a good half hour observed them through my binoculars.  It wasn't until after I had left and was walking backing to the house that it dawned on me that I could have taken a photo.  Ah well, the zoom on my camera is horrible and they were likely too far away, I consoled myself.

Now as luck would have it, I passed another marsh area on the way home and I spotted another bufflehead (a pair actually).  Apparently I wasn't holding the camera as steadily as I thought as this photo clearly demonstrates.

....and of course, they both just HAD to fly off as soon as I had taken the photo.

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