Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Highway 63: Let's Get 'er Done!

I'll start out by apologizing ahead of time if this post becomes a little incoherent.  Work keeping me on the go a good 13 hours a day for the past couple of weeks tends to interfere with rational thought processes.  Nevertheless, I wanted to comment on the latest developments in regard to Highway 63 before my days off arrive in a couple more days and I get to enjoy a bit of sloth for a change.

I mentioned in my last post about the Transportation Minister driving Highway 63 in recent days to get a sense of the "lay of the land" so to speak.  Yesterday, yet another politician arrived here, albeit a rather important one in the form of our Premier.  She pledged to fast-track progress on the highway.  She also announced the appointment of local MLA Mike Allen to the role of "special advisor".  Allen is tasked with looking into ways of speeding up the twinning process and reporting back to the Premier by June 29.  It's encouraging to see that the Premier is addressing this issue and that local efforts to keep this on the front burner appear to be bearing fruit.  Again, time will tell as to how things unfold from here.  I'm not sure why the Premier had to create a fancy title though.  One would think that both our local MLA's would advise the Premier and Minister of Transportation on this matter anyway but I suppose when you are Premier you can do things like dole out fancy titles.  Seeing as how, up to the day he was elected, Allen owned a music shop, I find his appointment a bit bizarre.  (Hey wait, I was quite musical growing up!  I even have a music degree framed on the wall in the living room downstairs!!)

Even  the Transportation Minister admitted to the Globe and Mail, "things are going to get a lot worse between now and the end of 2014."  Well, of course Mr. Minister.  This is what happens when you pledge to complete a job 6 years ago that still isn't finished.  June 29 approaches.  The people here are waiting.  Get to it.

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