Saturday, May 26, 2012

Replacing Old Soles

After a little procrastination I broke down and bought myself a new pair of work boots.  I wouldn't call myself a pack rat by any means but I do tend to hang on to things longer than perhaps I should.  After 18 months though, my old boots had become quite worn and torn, having long outlasted their usefulness (on the job site at least).  I suppose I just became attached to them seeing as I wear them a good 12-13 hours during a work day.  I wish I knew just how many kilometres I've walked in those boots.  I'm sure it's quite  the number.  Alas, the breaking point came a few days ago when a piece of mesh I was handling slipped out of my hands and hit the ground close to my foot.  Looking down I realized that had it hit my foot in certain spots, it wouldn't have felt too comfortable.  Plus, the possibility of a new leadership role at work (not going to spill the beans on that one yet, lest I jinx myself) means that I really should lead by example and have good foot wear.  So off I went this morning for new boots.

True to form. I'll probably hold on to them and give them a second life for outdoor work I do around the house.

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