Sunday, May 27, 2012

Valley Views and Beaver Dams

With the weather being ever so inviting I headed out for a short hike late this morning. I wasn't really sure where I was going to go, only that I just couldn't while away the day indoors. I decided to head back to a trail I had hiked a couple of years ago, the Little Fisheries Trail, though I didn't know its name then. The trail ends at the far end of Thickwood where it hits a road leading down to a golf course along the river.

When I first walked this trail, I headed back after hitting this road.  This time, I decided to head across to the other side, walk up a steep hill and continue on.  I'm glad I did, as I was rewarded with some nice views of the valley.

The steep sandy embankments along the valley brought back childhood memories growing up around Collingwood, Ontario.

After awhile, the trail veered sharply away from the valley and followed a gully which continued to narrow the further it went back from the main river valley.  I found this small wooden bridge along the way.  The sides were pretty steep but I managed to get down and back okay.  I imagine this would be a great place for mountain biking as I saw a number of board ways down there.
A little further along I came across a marshy area where beavers had made their mark.  There were a number of small ponds there and while I didn't see any beavers, I did see some mallard ducks, a pair of buffleheads and a solitary sandpiper, which played hide and seek with me as they kept their distance across the marsh and kept ducking behind these dams.

It's pretty much impossible to see, but there are mallards back there somewhere.  

I got curious after I returned to the house and went exploring on Google Earth to see exactly where I had gone.  I wasn't able to figure out how a get decent Earth screen shot of the area but the GPS coordinates for the curious are roughly 56 42'34.11"N  111 28'40.55W.

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