Monday, June 4, 2012

Adventures in Landlording...the Sequel

As it turns out there is a small addition, an addendum, if you will to my post from late last week about my unkempt basement dweller.  Coming up the driveway yesterday I noticed my garbage cans seemed a bit askew as if some unknown creature had been lurking around and digging through them.  The tops of the bags were ripped open but there wasn't any garbage on the ground, so I figured, well, at least the ravens were kind, me being an avid birder and all.  I've seen the mess they can make when they find something particularly tasty in an unattended garbage can.   Thinking nothing of it, I straightened my garbage cans up and went inside.

A couple of my tenants had the day off so I chatted with them in the kitchen as I went about my end of the day routine.  One of them told me there had been a rather unexpected guest.  I was just about to tell her I had seen the garbage cans and was happy the ravens hadn't made a disaster in the front yard.  But no, the guest had been none other than my ex-tenant.  Apparently, both my tenants had been out on the back deck when they heard the front door open.  They were perplexed as it was a good hour before I regularly get home.  Mr. Ex-Tenant came right in and used my washroom off the kitchen.  (Yeesh, he could have at least used the upstairs and admired the new vanity since it was his rent money that had mostly paid for it.  Some people!)

He then opened the door to the basement to go to his old room and it was at this point that my tenant caught up to him.  Turns out he was missing something.  Understandable considering the unorganized mess he had left behind.  What he was missing was a memory stick for his computer.  A very pricey one evidently, $500 as I was told, and he just had to find it.  Well, my tenant told him, good luck finding it since the room had been cleaned out.  The only place it could possibly be was out in the garbage.  So outside he went and dug through my garbage.  Technically, I suppose it was his garbage since both bags contained the detritus of his room.  Lucky enough for him, he found what he was looking for though hopefully not before digging through some pretty disgusting stuff.

I wouldn't really call myself a vengeful person, but in this case I couldn't help but crack a big smile as I pictured all this in my mind.

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