Friday, June 22, 2012

Arboreal Surgery

A hectic work schedule has meant putting off many things I'd like to get done, one of them being some much needed pruning of the backyard tree. It looks amazing when it blooms but had slowly accumulated a lot of dead branches in the time I've been here. This was partially due to a nasty little dump of snow a couple Springs ago, mere weeks after I took ownership. A couple of large branches at the top snapped and while I was able to fix some of the damage, there were a lot of other branches I just never got around to dealing with. (They tended to be covered up nicely by all the healthy stuff) The one side of the tree was so weighed down and fattened by the weight of the snow that I feared the tree was a goner. Fortunately, it proved to be much more resilient.

I had actually started pruning a couple weeks ago but had gotten side tracked. I did manage to prune some of the larger limbs at the back that were hanging over a couple of neighbor's fences no doubt adding to the amount of leaves they had to rake and creating an eye sore as well. One branch was actually starting to wreak havoc the fence in my back corner so it definitely had to be cut. That's about as far as I got however, until this evening.

I picked up my hacksaw and ventured forth.  I'm not actually sure what kind of tree it is but I was starting to look a tad hideous.

I was a bit nervous but managed to hack off much of the remaining dead limbs and cut a couple large drooping ones so that I can now walk to the back of my deck without having to duck my head and bat leaves out of the way. I always felt as if I was fighting my way through some exotic jungle. Anyhow, while it didn't seem like I cut off that much (I only worked away at it for perhaps 20 minutes) I did notice a huge difference.  A broom helped knock down quite a lot of little brown keys that were all dried up and just hanging around underneath the newer growth.

 Here are a couple of  "before" shots.....

And here is what it looked like after it's little tree haircut so to speak...

Now I have much more sunshine on the deck....and the tree has a lot less dead weight to it.

Ah hacksaws! Is there anything you can't do?

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