Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I Saw A Bug Thiiiiiiiis Big!

Generally speaking, bugs don't bother me too much. Unless the thing is attacking me in some way, I'm content to live and let live. The one exception to this rule though is the Tar Sand Beetle. Those things are HUGE. It's like getting bombarded by a 747. And they seem to be everywhere at work as of late.  They have this weird ability to make grown men turn into a whirling dervish.

I don't recall seeing many of them last summer and I generally don't see them around the house all that often.  My workplace seems to have become ground zero for them though.  "Tar Sand Beetle" isn't their real name.  But the White Spotted Sawyer or whatever you care to call it can make it a bit trying if they are around you for any length of time.  When they land on you they tend to stick to your clothing.   You can beat at them but they don't seem to get the hint that they are annoying you until you squish the little buggers.  I'll do my best to get a photo of one if I can but for now the above link gives you an idea of what the creepy crawlers look like.  Something in the bitumen seems to attract them.  They aren't actually dangerous and while they can bite, they don't inject anything into you, but if you've ever had one crawling up the back of your neck as I have, you tend to forget this.   A handy pair of wire cutters makes a good defensive weapon.

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