Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sometimes, posting a video on YouTube isn't the smartest thing to do

Like many others, I was shocked by the story of Karen Klein, a 68-year-old bus monitor who endured a 10-minute harangue by a group of what I can only describe as feral children, which was recorded and posted on YouTube.

I happened across the story on a work break while I was getting my daily news fix and really couldn't believe what I was reading.  I checked out the video once I got home and was simply floored.  Truthfully I couldn't watch the whole thing as it brought my blood to boil.  Truthfully, my gut instinct was to grab a steel tube from work and beat all these young punks senseless.  Ingrates!  Honestly, what possible pleasure do these punks derive from berating a 68-year-old widow? How sad that they have to harass an senior to prop up their obviously rather fragile little egos!

I hope the principal, the school district and other authorities come down on these kids like a ton of bricks.  I get tired of hearing this garbage about how punishing them will only make them angry or will damage their sense of self-worth in some way so well, its best not to punish the little darlings.  Rubbish!    The real world doesn't work that way.  When you do wrong you pay a price.  Period.  Unfortunately, there is too much hippy psycho-babble about how we should just treat them with kid gloves.  I guess we can see how well that's worked out for society.

So how do I think they should be punished?  For one, kick them off the bus.  Have them figure out how get their own butts to school.  Not that they are learning much in the way of morals and common sense there anyway.  Come to think of it, from my experience a school bus is considered an extension of the school so school discipline  should apply here.  As a parent, I'd say expel the little buggers.  I certainly wouldn't want my son in a school environment with these clowns.  And finally, since they obviously aren't getting it from home, give these kids community service, LOTS of community service. Preferably in a retirement home or with war veterans.  Perhaps then they might learn some empathy.  Our seniors are not to be treated as garbage.  They are valuable.  They have years of experience and wisdom these brats just might profit by.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe it either, I made it only 2 and a half minutes, seeing that just upset me to no end, I cannot believe that young kids would berate a poor old woman like that whose only looking out for their safety...its horrible to see this Crap

Sarah said...

I just came across this video too.. I couldn't believe it!

Such a lack of respect!