Saturday, June 23, 2012

My Small Contribution To The Local Arts Scene

For the past three months I've found myself working with a very different type of scaffolding (it's European didn't ya know?) out on site.  Although I'm not a builder, I know it to be quite versatile and remarkably light which is much appreciated on hot days such as we've experienced of late.  Because of these reasons and I'm sure a few more that are over and above my pay grade, this type of form work is often used inside cokers and other confined spaces, although it has many other uses in an industrial setting of course.

Okay, Darcy, you just finished your 6th of 11 10-hour days so why are you discussing scaffolding of all things??  Well here's why.  Earlier in the week I had to put together a small order pronto.  All I heard was that it was going for some sort of project at a local school.  This was the first order I can recall that was being off site to an non-industrial-type setting so I was a bit curious.  Since it wasn't a large amount of gear I just assumed there was sort of maintenance project on the go and thought nothing more of it.

Tonight I read McMurray Musings and interestingly enough I find out where that gear went.   It's being used in a local high school production at Holy Trinity High School.  The last photo in the post shows a great close up shot of the scaffolding.  It actually looks beautiful in a strange way.

The play itself, based on a collection of Holocaust-era children's art is entitled I Never Saw Another Butterfly.  In a strange quirk I had heard a grad recital a number of years ago in university featuring a song cycle based on some of these children's poems.  The music, written in 12-tone, is tortured and twisted at times but also quite haunting and compliments the lyrics wonderfully.  Such is the power of music that I can still recall snippets of the final song in my head more than a dozen years later.  During a trip to the Czech Republic 5 years ago I had hoped to visit the Terezin concentration camp where many of the producers of this art work perished, but sadly I wasn't able to get there.

The play runs again tonight and tomorrow afternoon and sadly I'll be at work and will miss these performances  Still it was cool to find out about my minor contribution to this theatrical endeavour even if I'm the only person who really knows about it  Normally, putting kits away isn't exactly thought-provoking work but I have a feeling that this on might be just a little different.

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