Monday, July 9, 2012

2 Million Man Hours

Prior to the weekend I hadn't had many opportunities to get out with the camera (or do much blogging either really). This likely explains my I was snapping away between thunderstorms the past couple days. Anyhow, I guess I've developed a thing for interesting structures or I just don't see enough scaffolding at work. Anyhow, that's how I explain a couple of photos I took down at Mac Island....because, you know, everyone flocks there to see the scaffolding. Truthfully, though, I've always been fascinated by how different structures stay upright ever since taking a grade 11 history course and reading up on the development of different architectural styles. Sure, scaffolding isn't exactly architecture, but there is a certain beauty behind it and many great structures that exist today would be impossible without it.
On a serious note, though, it does play an important role here and its great to see how involved some of these companies are in the community. Scaffolding is kind of the invisible trade. It's put up until a certain job is complete and then its taken down so most people likely don't it a second thought. I know I sure didn't. It's nice to see my former employer recognized for its accomplishment as this can be a dangerous line of work. (The banner recognizes Aluma's milestone of one year and 2 million man hours without a recordable incident.)

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