Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Almost Two Decades Later and Still Going Strong

In today's throw-away society I still have a few things from my past that I hang on to and treasure.  When I graduated high school my mother took my childhood teddy bear, a small denim jacket, and a  baby spoon and had them framed.  I think there were a couple of old photos in there for good measure. I have a University of Windsor sweater I bought that's been shrunk in the wash so I no longer wear it and a t-shirt I bought in Yellowknife in 2000 that I rarely wear as well.

The one item I have that I do use on a regular (almost daily) basis, is an old University of Windsor canvas backpack I bought during my first year there in 1993.  As backpacks go, it's racked up many miles in the nearly two decades that I've owned it.  It's been from Point Pelee, Ontario in the south to Resolute Bay, Nunavut in the north and from Halifax to Victoria.  I couldn't count how many hikes its accompanied me on or the number of times its been slung around my shoulder as I snowmobiled across Arctic ice.  It's been to Michigan state a couple times as well  as Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic.....and its still fully functional and usable.  

Yes, it has few holes and the shoulder straps are beginning to fray but its been a very trustworthy, if silent, companion, always at the ready for the next big adventure.

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