Sunday, July 15, 2012


Tomorrow marks a change in the morning bus schedule for site buses.  In order to cut down on the amount of morning traffic on the highway, most, if not all contractor vehicles on site are having their plates removed.  I'm assuming this applies not just to Suncor but all sites as well.  Because the Thickwood overpass is open but the Confederation overpass is not, we tend to get quite the traffic bottleneck west of the bridges (which are also being worked on).  I think any move that helps cut down on traffic volume and increased ridership  of the site buses is a great idea, though I'm sure some will disagree.  At any rate, I expect to see a lot less white pickups on the roads in the morning.

In order to accommodate workers, a number of new bus routes will take effect tomorrow.  Mercifully, I won't have to get up any earlier to catch my bus, though the new route will be much shorter and the direction of travel now reverses.    It's pretty much the same route as I have now except the parts north of Thickwood Blvd have been chopped off.  But I still get on the bus at the same stop right around the corner from the chateau which is nice.  The only downside to this change is that currently my bus home makes its first stop at a grocery store so on nights I need to pick up groceries I can stop there, pick up what I need and walk home.  Now that the route is reversed,  it becomes a bit less convenient but I'm sure I'll adjust.  

At least my pick up time remains pretty much the same.  Getting up at 4:15am every morning is early enough for me.

UPDATE.....since today is Sunday and there were only 4 of us on the bus home, my driver actually did tomorrow's new run for us.  As it turned out all four of us just happened to live along the updated bus route, allowing the driver to do this without having to backtrack.  True, I'm one of the first the get picked up...but I'm also one of the first to be dropped off.

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